A series of theatre, dance and music performances, during the month of August. For information, infopoint.

During these performances, on the main square of Civita there is a stage where, in a magic atmosphere, actors and audience become the chef characters of the scene.


La Tonna
Twice a year, during the first Monday of June and the second Monday of September on the main square of Civita a donkey race with jockeys takes place. This race begins in the afternoon, after a brief procession in the town.







La Tonna is an authentic people's festivity which the inhabitants of Civita experience with conviction and passion. In Pagan times, the donkey was considered an intelligent animal and only in recent times it has become a symbol of ignorance and stubborness; during" la tonna" the donkey regains its protagonist role.

moments of the exciting race.



In the past, the chestnut was an important economic resource of Civita. During the festival, hot roast chestnuts are offered to tourists. This festival takes place on the second half of october.

Living crib
One of the most fascinating shows in Civita taking place during Christmas time up to the 6th January.
More than 50 characters in costume performe the birth of Jesus Christ. The performance begins at 17,00 and ends at 19,00 in the following days:
26th December
1st January
6th January

Some suggestive pictures of the living crib