History on a hill
Quaint Italian village of 15 residents

and few tourists worth the steep trek
By Sue Lancaster
The Cincinnati Enquirer






Lazio: Civita di Bagnoregio

CIVITA B & B — Via Della Fraticella 4 — Civita di Bagnoregio — ph/fx: 0761760016 — www.civitaaccommodation.com - email: fsala@pelagus.it

This is a B & B located in the heart of Civita (to get here — to Civita — you have to walk across a path/bridge that connects the real world to this ancient city)…..you will not be disappointed with this picturesque and exquisite little town. Franco Sala is your host here and there’s not a person who doesn’t think he offers the greatest hospitality and welcome. Franco says there are no Star ratings at his B & B, but there’s always a Moon….I like that and I like him. The hotel sits in the main square and all of the rooms face that square — some rooms have bath and some don’t — make sure you request your needs when making a reservation. The hotel is in a palazzo from the 15th century. The B & B has a restarant that serves typical cuisine of the area as well as some specialties like bruschetta mista, tagliatelle with medieval sauce, piciarello alla Franco, gnochetti al pesto and piciarello al tartufo. YUM! Book in advance — this is far too wonderful a place to miss and quite the slice of rustic Italy.



16 settembre 1997

TUTTOTURISMO novembre 1997

....prima d'imboccare l'Autosole a Orvieto e di dirigerci a nord pensando già a un pretesto per tornare in Tuscia, saliamo brevemente "tra le nuvole" a Civita di Bagnoregio, piccolo borgo, quasi un presepe aggrappato a uno sperone tufaceo, che sembra appena dipinto da Magritte o comunque da un pittore in vena di visioni romantiche, anzi surreali. Nel silenzio del meriggio si sente solo la vocina di Elisabetta, una bimba dai riccioloni neri che sotto il pergolato della minuscola trattoria racconta al suo cane Birillo storie avvincenti. Anche lei sarà una bellissima etrusca. Del XXI secolo.

Giorgio Dugnani



(extracts of received e-mails)

Data: 05-07-2002

Dear Mister Sala
We visited Bagnoregio in April and enjoyed two meals at your restaurant. I am sure you will not remember us but I really loved your pasta with a Bolognise sauce. Yours, a restaurant in Venezia and restaurant in Napoli are the only ones that had a Bolognise sauce with that taste and flover. I have purchased and made several souce from several italian cook books but can not find the recipe like your sauce.

I would apprecciate ...............

Yours, Joseph and Lynn Cilluffo


Date: 11 May 2000

Though we only spent two days in Civita, we took 90% of our pictures there! We are so very grateful for our wonderful stay there. It truly was the highlight of our trip. We will be sure to come to Civita again on our next journey- whenever that will be.

Your new friends, Joslin and Lowell


Date: 11 July 1999

I greatly enjoyed my stay in Civita. It was my most favourite place I visited in Italy. Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful cooking!


Date 02 May 2000

Jim says he has not had a good plate of pasta since he left your dining room. Please tell me how to make sauce(no tomato sauce). You can leave your secret ingredient out! He tells me you told him you did not boil your pasta. Is it possible? After you made your sauce, you threw in the pasta? How do you make a garlic and mushroom sauce, when does the liquid come from? I've tried and tried and still Jim says "not like Franco's".

Jim and Janice

Date: 10 July 1999

We will forever thankful to you, Franco, for welcoming travellers like us to your charming hill town. It is truly a scene from a fairytale where one who is weary from crowds and traffic and tourists and trains can escape. Like stepping into a time machine and arriving centuries ago, and yet being able to check e-mail from home on your computer!

Jan and Gentry

Date: 03 July 2000

I just wanted to express how fantastic that place is and to thank you for your exceptional food, service and company that you brought to us while we were there. Of all the places I've seen in Italy, Civita is one of my two favorites and probably the town which has left the greatest impression on me. Certainly the best of all the hill towns I've seen so far.

Again, I'd like to thank you for an experience which ranks among the best I've ever had in Europe.


Date: 03 July 2000

We wanted to write to tell you how much we loved the time we spent with you in Civita. The short time we were there in May, in our secret hideaway, was so memorable. You made our first trip to Italy the best!

John Paul and Martina

Date: 03 July 2000

In all our travels through France, Italy and Greece, our favorite was Civita. I hope it doesn't change too much before we get back there.

Chris and Tom

Date: 11 July 2000

Can't say when, but we'll be back. We loved everything about Civita. It was a wonderful place to relax after the hustle and bustle of Rome.

Thank you for such a splendid experience.

Jenny and Nick

Date: 01 September 1999

It seems like an eternity since we left Civita, although it has only been a month and a half. We have such beautiful pictures and memories to remind us of it! You just cannot imagine the reaction people have when they see our pictures. Most people can't believe a town such as Civita really exists.

Krisin and Ravi



e-mail: fsala@pelagus.it